5 Favourite Things: January

Friday, 31 January 2014

My five favourite things for the month of January:

1) BRAN Table Lamp Base - Ikea: I impulse bought two of these this month. I needed something smaller for my bedside tables and was unable to find anything for a while. I grabbed two and thought I might have to return them, but nope. I added a white shade and they look great. And they were only $14.99 each!
2) Neighborwoods Map - Brika: I haven't bought one of these yet but I will soon! These cool, hand-drawn maps are made by San Francisco designer Aymie Spitzer and tons of different cities are available.
3) Stendig Calendar - Tiny Feast: I was really upset when I thought I missed out on this years sold-out Stendig calendar until I came across the new Winnipeg based shop, Tiny Feast. I absolutely love it and according to their Instagram account, they still have a few left!
4) Swell Bottle - Tiny Feast: While grabbing my Stendig calendar I also picked up a Swell water bottle. Each bottle is composed of non-leaching, non-toxic stainless steel. They keeps your drinks both hot and cold for a really long time. I bought a silver one, but there are tons of different styles and colours available at both Tiny Feast, and on Swell's website. My new favourite water bottle!
5) Planetes Tote - Longchamp: If I swear by any product it's Longchamp's Le Pilage bags. I've been using them for nearly 6 years and I have yet to have any problems. My first bag has been used to haul my laptop and textbooks to and from school for years and it's outlasted any other backpack I've owned. My mom got me the newer Planetes Tote in all black for my birthday earlier this month and i'm obsessed. It's very simple but I love it!


But I Know What I Like...

Wednesday, 29 January 2014

I love nothing more than going into a person's home and immediately knowing that it's so "them". I've entered some of my friends places and instantly got a sense of their personalities, interests, and aesthetic tastes. Would I want to live in their homes? Are they my style? No. In fact, not at all. But that's what's so great about interiors, they're a reflection of each person individually. And that's why I was really drawn to this quote by Benji Madden (whose his home was featured on Domaine earlier this month). I believe 100% that a person's surroundings have a huge influence on how they feel, and should be catered to their individual liking whether one is a "designer" or not.


Current Trend I'm Loving: Leaning Art

Tuesday, 28 January 2014

White Fireplace, Black Unit, Black Fireplace, Shelves
I've really been loving the amount of leaning art that I've been seeing online over the last couple of months. Framing beautiful pieces and simply letting them lean against a wall looks so effortless while remaining sophisticated. It's also so much easier than dealing with the stress that can come along with hanging art (holes in the wall, spacing, levelling, etc.). And it allows you to easily play around and get the perfect look! Hope you're all having a great week!


Winter Blues

Monday, 27 January 2014

Winter in Winnipeg has been absolutely horrible this year. I'm one of the few people who prefers winter to summer. I enjoy cold weather, winter activities, and bundling up, but this has been inhumane (I'm talking -50 Celsius people). So until it actually warms up, I'm going to dream about nice weather, and beautifully designed surroundings. Keep warm!


A Chic & Stylish Bachelor Pad

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

I don't know if it's because I have 3 brothers who could care less about design and interiors, but I love when I see a well designed bachelor pad. With an abundance of feminine spaces that are regularly being displayed online, it's always refreshing to see something more masculine. This places is impeccably styled, and the homeowner has an amazing collection of art. I mean hanging strainers and cheese graters displayed on the walls?! So cool.


Sissy & Marley

Monday, 13 January 2014

Images VIA
Today i'm sharing some photos from my most favourite children's design firm, Sissy & Marley. They are able to make spaces so fun and youthful, while remaining chic and sophisticated. I love all of their work!


Sunday, 12 January 2014

Image VIA
Hope 2014 is treating you all well! I'm not the biggest resolution person but I hope everyone works hard and makes 2014 their best year yet. This is a somewhat scary year for me as i'm graduating, and have to figure my life out! I'm very much a planner so not knowing what's ahead is both exciting, and scary. Have a great week!


Holiday Party

Thursday, 2 January 2014

I'm a little behind on this post but I was without a laptop for the last week so better late than never! I had a girls holiday get-together about a week before Christmas. We decorated cookies, had a few drinks, and enjoyed each others company. These beautiful pictures were taken by the very talented Jessica Stephens. She took so many lovely photos of my friends throughout the night, I wish I could post them all on here. Be sure to check her out! Happy 2014!


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